Hi guys, I just joined this comm. I read A Great and Terrible Beauty years ago and loved it, but I feel like I must be the oldest person here at 20-almost-21, lol. But anyway, I'm wondering...

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Sorry, there's a lot of pictures and they're kind of big.

Oh so curious!

Hi, I'm Meghan and I'm a newbie! I'm in love with the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and am really curious to see who I might look like. I would love, love, love to audition, though I don't think I am talented enough or look enough like any of the characters to do it justice. Still, how cool would it be?! And anyway, I still want to know if I look like somebody.
Thanks for checking me out, guys.

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Hi there, I'm new here (my name is Deirdre by the way). I think the idea of this community is really fun. You're all so pretty! *jealous* Ahem, where was I going with this? Oh right, I just recently read the books and I think my friend Emma looks like the picture perfect Ann. Don't worry I have her permission!


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She is actually the person I imagine while I read the books. What do you guys think? Maybe I'm crazy lol.

And for a bit of fun I was curious to know who you guys think I look most-like out of the four girls (lol wouldn't it be awful if someone said Mrs. Nightwing...) Though I don't imagine myself as either one of the girls; looks-wise. But I thought this might be fun.

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Old Polaroid of me... I don't know I just threw this in here because of the candle holder...

My apologies for how the cut came out... I am really bad at all this HTML stuff even when they lay it out for you so nicely like this lol. Cheers!

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Jenny (vive028 ) finally came in town and we got to go out and take corset photos! Woot!
Sorry for the ridiculously un-necessary banner here - but I got excited and I am not done sizing all of them down/etc
So this is just a taste I guess
ASAP I will have these up here
Complete with lanterns and gardens and statues and more ^o^
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[Art] Ethereal

Hey =]

Just found this great community =] I read the serie back in summer '08 and I really liked it! Especially the setting and the interaction between the characters. So, speaking of characters...

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It's been a while since I've done this, and the last time I did I had black hair, I think.
So I'm interested to see who I look more like now. :)

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Sorry.. so many pictures.. I couldn't decide which ones to use. :P

I also have a question-- Am I allowed to post pictures of my friends who don't have livejournals, but want to see who they look like?
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